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    Hello my friends! My name is Michael Fugoso (Fugstrator on Instagram, Fugs to my family and friends) and I am a San Diego, California based illustrator and designer. I started sharing my work not too long ago on Instagram and received amazing feedback from followers and visitors alike, and landed some awesome features from institutions like Adobe, Dribbblers, and The Design Tip. I created this online store in response to a lot of requests for it to be possible to purchase my artwork and designs! 

    A little bit about my process: I start of every illustration/design hand-drawn and render them completely on vector illustration programs like Adobe Illustrator or Autodesk Graphic (if I'd like to design on the go out of my home office). A lot of times I decide to or get commissioned to do fan art pieces of popular icons in my style... I am proud to say that I always draw those out by hand as well initially and NEVER trace existing images out there! All of my design and artwork are vector based, although at times I like to experience combining my illustrations with awesome photography... because I love taking photos!

    hand sketchrendered illustration

    A little bit about myself: Just like everyone else, I love to travel, and I love to eat: pizza and seafood mainly... and breakfast food. I am extremely family oriented; family always comes first with my best friends as a close second. I love sharing, making others' lives easier and helping them succeed, which helps make me a good designer. I also love being selfish doing the things I want, which helps make me a good artist.

    I hope you enjoy this site, and also be sure to check out the blog section, as I have also been getting requests to post tutorials and more about my life outside of my day to day routine. I'm happy to have made this website for you all and to have this much support, I'll be sure to keep up the content!